The main component is  Perlite, which is expanded in other way, with the help of which the majority of the strength is maintained comparing with traditional expanding system, where 95% and more is lost during expansion.  During this method of expansion 90% pores are remained closed insuring maximal voice-thermal isolation. Besides, these pores are about 50 times smaller which obviously increases thermal isolation effect, comparing with traditional perlite method. External facade surface with additional protective substances,  made of natural stones serves  very long maintaining its appearance and bright colors.
Thermal Insulating constructive eco -blocks made on basis of natural stones and Expanded Perlite.

 Peculiarities of eco-walls

  1. The wall breathe out, leaving open the necessary amount of moisture providing a comfortable microclimate inside and out.
  2. It is not necessary to stucco or plaster, after the arrangement, the final layer may be styled at once.
  3. It is not necessary to have construction timber for arrangement, the arrangement is done just inside of the builiding.
  4. Ecologically clear materials which are used for the production of eco blocks are without  chemical additions and  have maintained  natural vivid colors and physical features for many years.
  5. Natural antifungal and antiradiation features of eco blocks make their usage indispensable for the construction of eco-houses.
  6. High sound absorption, thermal insulation and shock-absorbing properties give a wide field of application.

Accumulation of the arrangement and material of facade eco-walls

For 1sq.m external  wall it is necessary Sq.m/AMD
1 1sq.m eco-block 9000֏
2 1sq.m inner coating of eco blocks 4500֏
3 1sq.m mesh reinforcement 500֏
4 0,07sm concrete (1cuba meter,
concrete =14sq.m Stuffing 7 cm.)
5 1sq.m arrangement 4500֏
6 Overhead expenses7000֏
The final value of eco walls makes up

Eco blocks are wonderful resolution for high quality and available construction

The facade layer of eco blocks makes up from 0,5 sm up to 2 sm , depending on the form and type. The facade layer is made of minced natural colored stones- marble, tuff, basalt, travertine and other stones. Having this production you get valuable and high quality sheathing with thermal insulation and other useful features with very affordable price.