Ecohouse for 1sq/m Quantity Price
(A1) Residential area with 100% 1sq/m320000֏


(A2) Residential area with light cover and plastered floors(stove) 1sq/m285000֏


(A3) Residential area without interior decoration 1sq/m245000֏


Parking 1sq/m150000֏


Basement space without interior decoration 1sq/m270000֏


Swimming pool 1cb/m180000֏


Enclosure 1line/m65000֏


Total 0
The total amount of land with Ecohouse
What does the price include?

Designing activities: 3D modelling, all the works of documentation, We  finish construction works 1-4 months. Ecohouse hand over to addressers complitely finished from outside and inside, doors and floors  installed. Up to 30sq/m  is included in the price, in case of 30 sq/m and more will pay extra money.

Are you interested in payment conditions?
Payments are fulfiled step by step. Each step does not exceed 5mln AMD, according to construction works. After each step you have to sign an act about fulfilment of the works, otherwise we won't accept the payment of the next step.

Not enough money for Eco House?
Ecotun LLC makes it possible to purchase in installments, without bank participation, 11% per annum, for a period of up to 3 years, up to 30% of the balance of payment.

Ecohouse offers batteries of sun energy, which saves more energy. The price of sunlight pannels is included in ecohouse value.

Construction approach ?

  • Fasade ecowalls 1cb/m- 25 000 AMD,
  • Monolit iron-concrete inside 1cb/m- 240 000 AMD,
  • High-quality 3D-modelling technologies -2200000 AMD,
''My Ecohouse80''(monthly fee-203000֏)
(A1) Residential area with 100% 1sq/m320000֏
* 80 sq.m -25600000֏=53333$
Living room - 25sq/m
1Bedroom - 12sq/m
2Bedroom - 10sq/m
Bathroom - 8sq/m
Kitchen - 12sq/m
Corridor - 8sq/m
Other - 5sq/m 

''My Ecohouse120''(monthly fee-304000 ֏)
(A1) Residential area with 100%  1sq/m320000֏

*120 sq/m-38400000֏=80000$
Living room - 30sq/m
1)Bedroom - 15sq/m
2)Bedroom - 12sq/m
3)Bedroom - 10sq/m 
4)Bedroom- 9sq/m
Bathroom - 8sq/m
Bathroom - 2sq/m
Kitchen - 15sq/m
Corridor - 12sq/m
Other - 7sq/m
''My Ecohouse150''(monthly fee-380000 ֏)
(A1) Residential area with 100% 1sq/m300000֏

*150 sq/m - 48000000֏=100000$
Living room - 35sq/m
1)Bedroom - 18sq/m
2)Bedroom - 12sq/m
3)Bedroom - 10sq/m
4)Bedroom - 9sq/m
5)Bedroom - 8sq/m
Bathroom - 10sq/m
Bathroom - 3sq/m
Kitchen - 17sq/m
Corridor - 19sq/m
Other - 9sq/m

''My Ecohouse80''(monthly fee-155000֏) 
(A3) Residential area without interior decoration 1sq/m245000֏
*80sq/m  - 19600000֏=40833$
Living room - 25sq/m
1Bedroom - 12sq/m
2Bedroom - 10sq/m
Bathroom - 8sq/m
Kitchen - 12sq/m
Corridor - 8sq/m
Other - 5sq/m

''My Ecohouse100''(monthly fee-226000֏)
(A2) Residential area with light cover and plastered floors(stove) 1sq/m285000֏
*100 sq/m-28500000֏=59375$
Living room - 30sq/m
1)Bedroom - 15sq/m
2)Bedroom - 10sq/m
3)Bedroom - 8sq/m
Bathroom- 8sq/m
Kitchen - 12sq/m
Corridor - 10sq/m 
Other - 5 sq/m 

We offer high quality fencer
  • Metal concrete firm foundation
  • Height 2-2.2 sm
  • Two-sided covered

The changable materials that are used for ecohouse construction can be chosen from the list provided by us or can be issued by the customer and instead the coustomer will get approparate componsation for each unit. Making use of the following list. Type name membership satisfactory summary for the union of the AMD

  1.  Toilet tiled sq/m 6000
  2.  Finishing paint 20kg  15000
  3.  Metal-plastic door sq/m   40000
  4.  Metaloplastic windows sq/m 40000 
  5.  Aluminum door sq/m 50000
  6.  Interior room from door item   45000
  7.  Entrance iron door item 150000
  8.  Floor laminate sq/m 6000
  9.  Wash basin, Toilet item   40000
  10.  Faucets item   10000
  11.  Shower with faucet item   20000
  12.  Heating boiler item 270000
  13.  Heating section item 3000
  14.  Grille  installation line / m 10000
  15.  Led Lights: vat 200
  16.  Metal tile    sq/m   3000
  17.  Gate or wall door metal   sq/m   30000
Attention !!!
  • "My Ecohouse" packages are not fixed, and are composed of statistical data. It is designed to give you easy orientation to order ecohomes.
  • All the raedy-made eco houses are sold, you can order new ones, with any style and design, starting from 80sq meters in all territory of Armenia.
  • The price of sunlight pannels is included in ecohouse value.
  • No gas installation, sunlight pannels are used instead.
  • The mortgage monthly fee shown on the "My Eco" packages is presented at the 70% interest rate and an annual interest rate of 11% after paying 30% advance payment.
  • You can also order  Ecohouse on your own land.
  • The land areas suggested by us have been consumed. You can order ecohouse on your own land.

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