How we build ecohouses?
The fundament is very important in building ecohouses, as in any other sphere.  Solid base, solid house: ecohouse.So you can get rid of unnessary headache.By obtaining ecohouses you solve one of the main problem of your life.Energy-efficient ecohouse is a house with a price of appartment.The energy saving potential of ecohouses care mass character, as constructing buildings and otherresidental constructions, we get long-term investment of energy-efficient building.
 What does the repaired ecohouse look like?
Repaired ecohouses include covered with pressgranid, laminate floors, the ornament is tilled, sanitary ware is installed with decorative hanging ceilings, heating systems, heating floors or heating radiators etc.,Ecohouse is complitely ready from outside and inside, hands over to it's addressers.
What does the ecohouse look like whitout a  repair
Eco house whitout a repairing inside are covered complitely  finished  from outside, with doors and windows, all the communicattion systems available. Window and door inserted. Following works inside the house are done:

  • inside walls are cuted
  • complitely plasterd
  • floors are smoothen by concrere