How we build ecohouses?
The potential energy efficiency of the ecohouses is of a mass nature,because construct the buildings and other diverse residential buildings, the idea of energy-efficient construction itself is formed by a long-term investment.Together with the progressive growth of the ecohomes, the country is moving one step further... As you notice, ecohouses are seismic resistant, because  the use  of outside walls 4 times more relive (800kg- 1sq/m- 200kg- 1 sq/m)so that it relives the load of monolit fundament.
What is ecohouse made of?
Eco houses are made of metal concrete construction, opoint it means the floor is higher from the ground with 0-0.6m. Ecowalls consist of 3 parts: outdoor facade eco block- 7cm, metal concrete core 7s/m, embroidery ecoblock- 7s/m. It is 21s/m in general. The walls are covered with ecoblocks, which are hardened, are from the compressed perlite: waterproof and sound insulation. Raw material of ecoblocks have no chamical adds and the ecollogically clear raw-material savesit natural saturated color and physical feature for tens of years.